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The close relationship we enjoy with our customers ensures more than just the smooth completion of a transaction or order. It also makes our customer service second to none. Through conversations and contact with our clients and partners, we can appreciate and respond to their demands and requirements. Something that the competition in the Far East find very hard to do… This contact also allows us to react quickly to the latest market developments, while also optimizing our traditional product portfolio. Although our engineers at Würges are experts for vibration technology, they also keep their ears open when talking with customers whose expertise lies in other industries or technologies.

This listening and learning allows Würges to develop brand new applications and uses for its motors. Let us take you and your company into a world where everything is in motion!

Extract from the instructions of operating

Tasks to be solved

Compaction of bulk product, discharge means for storage bins (fine grained product) vibrating tables and jacks, moulds and formework for the concrete industry, pocket filters, discharge means for storage bins (coarse grained product) chutes, small screens, filters for flexible tubes, screens systems, chutes (coarse grained product) long filters in flexible tubes.

n bg max s max
3000 15 0,3
1500 10 0,8
1000 8 1,4
750 6 2,0

Formulae for nonbending systems

(1) The torque of vibrating constructions with the vibration motor is:

(2) equally is:

(3) The vibration amplitude results from (1) and (2) as:

(4) As the torque of electric vibrators is indicated in the leaflet, the calculation results from speed and centrifugal force. As a means of security the acceleration factor must be examined. This factor is determined by the construction engineer. This represents the swinging mass with respect to the acceleration of the earth.

The maximun acceleration factors, which are subordinated to the synchronous speeds must not be exceeded. Otherwise ist could occur that the machine parts do not resist to the load of vibration with the result that they can break.

Explanation of formula signs

Denomination Formula symbol Value Measureunit
centrifugal force of the vibration motor F * N
workingtorque of the vibration motor MV * cmkg
mass of the vibration motor mV * kg
synchronous speed of the vibration motor n * min-1
amplitude (2x) of the construction s - cm
mass of the vibrating construction without vibration motor m - kg
workingtorque of the vibrating construction without vibration motor M - cmkg
acceleration factor bg
acceleration g 9,81 m/s

* These data can be found in the data sheets.