Würges. Vibration is our strong point.

Würges has been producing electric vibrators since 1947. Over this time, we have not only perfected our products, but they have also become our passion. That is why we now rank among the world’s leading producers of electric vibrators, known and valued by our customers for our reliability, our high quality and our perfect service.

At Würges, we are convinced that only a combination of decades of experience coupled with our innovative, modern engineering spirit can produce such specialized motors at such high quality. And that is exactly how we work, and exactly how we react to the needs of our customers. As such, Würges electric vibrators are constantly setting new standards for the industry.

Our Products - An Overview

We produce all our motors at our headquarters in Neusaess, close to the Bavarian city of Augsburg, and "Made in Germany" is an important part of our company philosophy. The reason is simple: While electric vibrators must be robust enough to withstand all kinds of mechanical stress, they are also sensitive machines. Their construction requires the highest levels of skill and know-how.