HV 0,8 without stand - vibration motor

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HV 0,8 without stand

Vibration Motor for restricted space


These units had been devised where only little space is available, such as exist for assembly in ests of two in conveying channels. These units are mounted from the lower side through threaded bores.

The sturdy housing is manufactured from aluminium chill casting. The amply dimensioned bearings are lubricated for life. The centrifugal force can be changed stepwise. The vibrator can be run continuously with all the eccentric weights mounted, under consideration of the admissible power consumption.

Standard voltage: 3 ~ 254/440 vs. 60 cps. Other voltages are available.

The motor has no commutable poles. For operation with 230vs. A. C. power supply source an operating capacitor of 2µF can be delivered Type of protection IP 65 · Insulant class F


Line Model Synchr. speed Centrifugal force Workingmoment Centrifugal forcesettings Stand. voltage Nominal current Power input Offering
min.-1 N cm kg Number of slices 60 Hz / V A P1, W
1 HV 0,8/2 o.F. 3600 432 0,60 in stages 3 3 ~ 254/440 0,17/0,09 50 Request


Model Bores for fastening Base measurements (mm) Outside measurements (mm) Mass
a b Øs c e f h g p k kg
HV 0,8/2 o.F. 45 45 M6 10 70 72 42 80 97 138 2,2