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Threephase Vibration Motor

Supermat Flange mounting

Threephase Vibration Motor

This unit is used as mountable vibration motor in the most various machines. It is mounted between two holding flanges. The mounting position may be as desired. Tumbling electric vibrators are admitted also.

They flyweights can be adapted as required for the existing application in view of adjustability and torque. Tey are not included in the delivery. The delivery of such equipment is optional.

The openly exposed flyweights must be enclosed by the client. In case of non-observation of this instruction, risk of accidents is impending. Required protective covers for the assembly of the mounting flanges can be delivered.


Line Model Synchr. speed Centrifugal force Workingmoment Centrifugal forcesettings Stand. voltage Nominal current Power input Offering
min.-1 N cm kg Number of slices 50 Hz / V A P1, W
1 40500 82 in stages 1
2 Supermat 3000 43000 86 continuous 2 3 ~ 400 8,0 4800 Request
3 61000 129 continuous 2


Model Bores for fastening1 Base measurements (mm) Outside measurements (mm) Mass
a b Øs c e f h g p k kg
HVe Supermat 202 166 M10 230 280 155 257 71,5 304 400 50

1 All mentioned fastening holes are provided in the unit.